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ILS Glideslope Problem in CRJ 1.0.5 update

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I have had the same problem on each of my last two flights: wild porpoising once App mode is engaged. I am a new purchaser, so i cannot say whether this is an issue with only the latest version.

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Hi! I dont know if this is relevant for the issue you are talking about but in some cases I have discovered that the course setting for CRS1 turns 180 degrees before landing and of course making ils acting weird. Today landing on rwy 35L in KDEN I did set both CRS1 and CRS2 to 353 degrees while still in cruise. Just before I was going to switch NAV-source from FMS1 to LOC1 on the approach I discovered that the course had changed to 173 degrees! Turned it back to 353 before activating APPR and everything was ok.


I have seen this happened on ils 34R in KSLC as well. I dont know exactly at which phase of the flight it turns 180 degrees but I did verify the right setting sometime during descent.


I am running version 1.0.6

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