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Various Bugs

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Hi all,


I'm new to PFPX so I'm hoping none of these have already been discussed. I've had a quick search.


I have found the following issues;

  • When in the Aircraft Database window, Add > New Aircraft and Add > New from template do nothing. They fade out when clicked but do not produce the form. (I can still get to it from within the Aircraft Data dropdown for now.)
  • When in the Aircraft editor, Clicking Save > Save Aircraft doesn't save anything, even though it fades once clicked. The only way I can save information is to make changes, close the window and then click OK in the "Aircraft has changed, Save Changes?" prompt.


Other than that it's great!! Assuming these are genuine bugs, is there a specific area to report them in?


These problems occur both in version 1.28.0 and 1.28.9i.


Using Windows 10 Home, running with Administrator makes no difference, all directories and .EXEs are excluded in my AV.






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