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Otter Paint Kit


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I hate to have be pleading for where this paint kit is entombed but no roads lead to Rome!!!


I bought my original copy of the Otter from FS Pilot Shop and they didn't offer the paint kit as part of the bargain.


Even this jewel plucked from an internet search failed me ... 

"From their main store page, click on the FAQ's/Updates link. That will pop open a new window asking you to log in to your account. Log in and you'll get the support database page that has a drop-down box in it. Select the Twin Otter from the drop-down then click the Continue button. The paint kit will be on the page that opens from there."


I'm even ready, willing and able to pay for the information now .... :excl: 


I own a small ranch in BC and created an airport for it with ADE and the Otter fits the scene perfectly.  All I'm missing are the ranch logo's and colors on the Otter to make the dream more real ! Not sure I can do it but wanna try ...! Bored with airline liveries.




PS if you haven't flown the BC Rocky Mountains 5a8c5cf8515cf_MountRobsonfromOtter.thumb.png.7052da6da1aec4ef6bcf5568b02e31d6.png
and circled Mt Robson (and all the other mountains in this province) you're missing some great views and fun flying ... the Otter is perfect ... especially the amphib.

Riverbank Ranch.png

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Many thanks for the response Herman but as I mentioned I originally purchased the Otter from FS Pilot Shop in the US so I doubt I have an order page in my shop account ...

and there was no Paint Kit D/L at the FSPS store.

Am I missing something ... should I be able to get into a download area that I'm not finding?


PS are you enjoying Winter this year ... we're afraid to go outside here in Kamloops!






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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Ken, I forgot about your comment on purchasing from the FSPS store when I got back to your post after verifying my recall about where it is on the Aerosoft site :wacko:. May I suggest you contact support@aerosoft.com with your issue and a polite request for access to the file? It wouldn't hurt to reference this thread in a link. As you can see from my screen shot, the paint kit is about a gig in size, so support will need to figure out a way to help you besides just an attachment to an e-mail.

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