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FLy By versus Fly Over waypoints

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Problem with the FMS with RNAV approaches. I load an approach and ATC vectors me for downwind. The FMS incorrectly senses flying by the MAP and sequences to the missed approach, if I attempt to load the approach again the FMS causes a CTD. If I try to DIR to the FAF the FMS remains stuck in the missed approach. Once this happens the FMS is now stuck in a loop. Once this loop has started even exiting out of P3D eventually causes the computer to lockup.


The MAP should be a flyover waypoint, not a fly by. Flying a radar downwind should never cause the FMS to sequence to the missed approach. This is explained in the FMS's technical specifications, not only just an overflight, but you must approach within a specific lateral window, i.e. flying outbound over the MAP does not cause the sequence to the missed approach. 


Loading another approach into the FMS should not cause P3D to CTD. 


Selecting DIR to the FAF should not cause a cascade failure that eventually locks up the entire OS. 

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