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AES and Ready For Pushback Continetal Analog Gauges..

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I cannot get AES to recognize the RFP B747-200. I even reinstalled RFP, went through the Aircraft Parameters setup again in the AES help application and still nothing. It will work with the Maddog 2006 and PMDG etc.

Control Shift W does nothing. I am sorry, but this is very frustrating. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you advance.


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Hi Bob!

There is absolutely no reason to get frustrated so quickly. :wink:

RFP 747-200 co-operates with AES like a charm.

I believe there is something you may have forgotten, skipped or mistaken.

Evidence? Have a look:


Please try my IntelliScene. Maybe it could help you:




Nosegear= 28.15

Door1=-3.05, 25.9, 4.8, 5

Door2=-3.35, 16.55, 4.8

Door3=-3.35,-5.7, 5.05

Door4=-2.8,-20.15, 5,-5

Front= 2.35, 22.05, 2.45

Rear= 3.1,-9.95, 2.75

Best regards,


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