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Thoughts on Lufthansa's new livery?


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No iconic yellow and a bit plain looking. (seems a bit similar to Qantas tail design [white logo with blue instead of red] )

Honestly i prefer the livery before this one.

So what are your thoughts on this change?


comparison between the new and old livery





(Apologies if this topic has already been posted here)

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Well I have seen worse livery transitions. It's just that Lufthansa had a clean, elegant and timeless livery already. It's one of those airlines where the livery itself already represented high standards and one of those where the euro-white worked. Now it seems to be rather flat. Will take time getting used to. Kinda like the Air New Zealand transition..... not much has changed, but the one with the blue-green was very elegant and clean and now the black seems very flat.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

The metallic logo on the tail is actually „bright white“ according to the PR leaflets. 


I can live with the livery as long as the crew ident card remains yellow. This is the one thing that is different than the other group airlines and represents the emotional connection to DLH for the people working there. 


As DLH does not wash their airframes regularly I am wondering what that new white belly will look like after a few months. 

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