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Yellow/Black stripes instead scenery ground

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Yesterday I bought Köblitzer-Bergland 3-reloaded and TS2018. This is the beginning for me with train sim.

But I have a problem with the landscaspe scenery. This scenery exists of many many yelow/black stripes. (See picture)  All my experience with years long simming with Flight Simulator Prepar3D

can't help me to solve this train problem.

My PC specs are: NVidia GTX 970, CPU I5-3770.


Is anybody who can help me to fix this problem? It's a very ugly sight. I have to say that this is not the problem with the default Mittellander express.


With regards,



Screenshot_Koeblitzer Mountain Route v.3 reloaded_49.73505-6.63415_14-56-24.jpg

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Coreection about my specs. These are: MSI GTX 1070 and CPU is I7-3770.


Further I can tell that the installation of this route on another PC, gives the same problem. So I think that the product is damaged. But how can I get refund of this product? Or another product?

I don't dare purchase new products. I hope that Aerosoft can help me. This is a bad begin to simming Trains and I'm disappointed.

I see that no one can help me.  



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Hello Simmers,


This problem is solved. I bought European Loco&Asset Pack. After addon installation no problem. Only that, after some miles, I saw a buffer in an grasfield. And then a collision.

I was waiting before a red light but after a quarter it was not chaged in green. So I drive but then the buffers.

I think it's not good waiting so long. It's a game and the player will continue within a short time.

That's all foulks.

Thanks for viewing my problem.


With regards



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