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Airbus livery issue

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I just installed via the livery mgr SAS Airbus 320 SE-RJF and SE-RJE to my Airbus fleet from your excellent version of Airbus.

I have seen that the "names" of the aircraft below cockpit on left and right side is not correct - a detail but anyhow- why is it so. The correct names are:

SE-RJE: "Ottar Viking" but is shown on the plane "Emma Viking" which is OY-KBE A321-232 in the real fleet.

SE-RJF: "Adils Viking" _"_ shown as "Hjörulf Viking".....it can not be a rocket science to make correct?


I just wonder why is it not correct?


Best regards

Åke Friman


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Best you post this as a comment on the page from where you downloaded the livery. In that case the painter of the livery will get a notification and chances are much higher to get a reply and/or fix for this problem, than posting the problem here where the painter is not necessarily following every single topic.


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@Ake ,


Relieved to note that it is not my repaint , as for it not being " rocket science " no one is infallible - painters included , mistakes can be made .

DetCord started to make the liveries for SAS with the full co-operation of SAS regarding colours and logo's but due to his illness was unable to continue , so I ended up painting the entire SAS Airbus fleet ( with the correct names ) . As seen here :


Unfortunately , Aerosoft in their wisdom chose to remove these paints ( without DetCord or myself asking them to do so ) which is their right , so they are no longer here to be downloaded . In answer to your ( next ) question , they are not available elsewhere either as I do not have the time ( or inclination ) to create the neccessary readme files and screenshots to upload to a site such as AVSIM and due to the hack and later server crashes I have to wonder how long it would be before I would have to re-upload everything there too ( already had to do that 3 times ) .


John Glanville

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Dear John,

many thanks for your respond...and I fully understand. It´s a pity that Aerosoft decided to remove your contribution. Is there any chance that you could provide me some of your texture files?


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