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stopping the plane on aes on the guidance system

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hi just wondering if there was a way to changer the stopping of the aircraft on lsgg airport  am using the fsdreamteam gva airport with aes and when i pull onto stand 16 which is a havey stand am using a pmdg 777-300 it tell me to stop and the ass of the plane is hanging out of the road i could ignore the stop and pull abot froward but them the time doesnt come up and just says too far the whole turn 





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Gate 16 at LSGG can only accommodate aircrafts with wingspan not greater than 62m (eg. A340, B772). For larger wingspan aircraft - namely, A346, B773, and the now late B747 - you must park at gates 17 to 19... and wait for mobile stairways as there is no jetways available at those parking stands.



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