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PFC-Throttle used in XP11 influences Switches in aircraft panel

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Hi everybody,


I'm using Precision Flight Controls (PFC) as a throttle unit with Profilic USB 2 serial adapter from Hama (PL2303), and the hardware is running in P3D with no problems.

In XP11 the hardware runs as well, but influences several switches on the panel, for ex. of the sim internal Cessna 172SP:

the switches (battery, lights, fuel selector, etc.) switch back to their origin position after around 1 sec, except pitot heat or avionics switch; they stay in the desired position.

If I switch from working COM3 to another port or pull the serial adapter wire, all the switches work again correctly. How could that be explained? Has anybody a PFC-hardware in XP11 in use?


Cheers Gerhard

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