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I bought this when it first came out & after a few minor issues have found it a joy to fly!


Still finding new bits to discover but during a flight last night I noticed the gauge panel vibrates & moves about. I know its a small observation but one of many that makes me enjoy the Colt even more! I still need to learn how to manage the engine on final approach when it stops (tried blipping the throttle but I'll get there someday!)


Know its a few days late but Happy New Year to you all!



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Thanks for the kind words.... 


Spoken to a pilot who flown a lot of An-2 around 1970 in Scandinavia this Christmas. His love/hate relationship with that aircraft was amazing. One moment he was speaking about how nice it was in difficult conditions, the next moment he was swearing about the silly systems and the engine that is really only suitable as one of a quartet (they made pretty reliably three engined aircraft). He liked our version when he flew it in my office, but I was surprised how rough he treated the engine. He was not blipping the engine, he was firewalling it.

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