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FPS below 0 during approach LFBP

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I dont understand i did some ILS approach with the CRJ with success on diferent aerport .

Unfortunaly with the LFBP approach i have a strange beavior the FPS decrease under 0.


I investigate supressing  the LFBP scenery no evolutions.

Others plane works perfectly like DASH8, 737, AIRBUS EXTENDED.

Even if the FPS are too low it sems that the ILS works.


From where could come this particular problem? mesh?

Thanks if you could help me

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How can framerate sink below zero? Do you actually see a minus number? That would indicate something extremely strange on your system. 

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Well there is a rather big difference between below zero and very, very low. The first would indicate a major and yet unknown issue in the sim or the add-on(s), the second is almost certainly related to an overload of the simconnect bus and that's why I had to ask. You wrote 'below zero' and if that were true you would have seen something absolutely unprecedented. 

  1. What is your simulator?
  2. What is your hardware?
  3. What is the ILS you are flying?
  4. What add-ons have you installed that cover this area?

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Thank you and sorry for my mistake.


For answer

FSX pack 2

Window 7 pack 1

Intel core i7 cpu 920 @ 2, 67 GHZ

Ram ,6 GO







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Mmmm then the most obvious reason is that you are running out of VAS. Apart from lowering settings there is not a lot that can be done. You are running a 13 year old game on a 9 year old OS. Your CPU deserves better.

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I agree its an old configuration.

But i dont understand Why i have a very low FPS 0.8 with the CRJ only and its ok all others FS aircraft add ons.

Same thing : i land without problem at LFBT ( Lourdes )  even with the CRJ at 20 nm of LFBP.


I assume this will belong to the mysters.



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