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CRJ flying circles in APPR mode


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my CRJ is (most of the time) flying circles as soon as I activate the APPR mode. I have checked the ILS Frequencies and CRS1 & 2. (Using ILS approaches)

Sometimes it works just fine as it would with every other aircraft but sometimes it starts flying right-turns when I activate APPR...

I also checked that the Localizer and the Glideslope was there. 

Explaining that to IVAO atc and in the end flying the approach by hand isnt that much fun :lolsign_s:

I hope someone can help me out :) 

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Can you please provide some additional information on this so we can take a deeper look at it for you?


Please confirm the version of the CRJ you are using?


Which model of the CRJ was used (700 or 900)?


Which Airport and Airport Scenery in use?


Which runway?


What frequency and course were you using?


Which NavData and which NavData Cycle?



Many thanks!


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1 hour ago, swaor said:

Sorry, I dont know where to find the Version of the CRJ, I used the CRJ900 

Scenery: FSDG Graz 

Runway: 35C

Frequency: 110.900; Course: 349° 

Navdata: 1711



1. To find the version of the CRJ, open the "Product" file in the C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Ecosystem\aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ (that's the default install location for P3D).  For FSX the Product file is located in the: FSX Main Folder\aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ.


2. Which NavData are you using?  Navigraph or NavDataPro?



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4 hours ago, swaor said:

That could be a reason. Sorry didnt knew that. But sometimes it works without switching the nav source. 


It may appear to work without using the Nav Radio as a source because the waypoints are in the FMS... so it's using LNAV.  But to fly an LOC or ILS approach you have to use the Nav Radio (as source).  It's the same with all other aircraft, although the computer in some automatically change the source for you when you press the switch associated with the Localizer/Approach.


Best wishes.


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