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MAC NavDataPro Activation

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Apologise up front if in the wrong Forum, but I can't find another where it might fit.  The problem is that in my Mac OS (High Sierra v. 10.13.1), the NavDataPro (V. - purchased yesterday) will not activate.  The install runs correctly (no error messages) but, it does not ask for my email and activation/serial number.  In the account mask, I can enter the email and serial number but all other fields are greyed out.  Since there is no "Send" button, I can't update the account information manually.  I have XP10 & 11 and once I put the paths in, it found all that it should - but nothing else happens.


I'm a firm believer that "Simplistic" is better, but I find this program to be too simplistic, particularly for someone new to the field.  I was a programmer for 35 years and the first thing I learned was to give feedback to the user when input was given.  Either an error message or something changing colors or turning or something to say: I'm Working!


Again sorry if this is not proper placement.  Hope someone can help me out!



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Hello Howard,

I had to give this a few quick searches and really didn't find the products related to soaring in a glider.  We deal mostly with soaring, and the few questions that come as yours did.  I'm really not familiar with all of Aerosofts many forums, but am sure your question has another place within Aerosofts forums somewhere.  Sorry I couldn't give you much help, and sorry for not getting to this right away.  You should be able to get an answer somewhere else.



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