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Fuel calculation on CRJ Load manager

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Can someone please explain the procedure for calculating fuel required using the CRJ load manager.    If I fill in the distance to fly and flight level and just the taxi fuel, the "Trip Fuel" and the "Block Fuel" change but are not the same, nor do they differ by Taxi fuel value.    I thought Trip fuel was equal to Block fuel - Taxi fuel, but this does not seem to be the case here.  Also what is the purpose of the "Calculate" button. If I press it, both figures alter.  If I press it several times, both figures eventually become the same?      Also altering values in the flight information fields do not give consistent results when reset to the same values again.  In particular, if I reduce all data fields (in the flight section) to zero again, the block fuel goes to zero, but the trip fuel does not (unless I press Calculate button).  Thoroughly confused?



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For me, this manager is also a mystery.
I no longer began to write on the forum, but the problem with downloading the plane I was not able to solve.

Fuel loads, passengers - no way!
I installed / reinstalled the VS2015 libraries. And everyone else also. Simconnects also did not escape their fate.
So this problem did not win.
The only thing that else did not do was not dance with a tambourine around it! Can try ?!

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Moreover, if you go for a longer flight (800NM or so), the calculated fuel in kg is within limits. However, if you switch to lbs, it says "more fuel than the aircraft can carry".


Developers, please check the math behind it,



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Having the same issue as Michael mentioned. any flights above approx 800 nm, giving the fuel error. Was not happening before.

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13 hours ago, Mathijs Kok said:

It's on the list of issues to look at, but not high priority.


ok thanks

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