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Directly crash by opning BOLOGNA.

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Hello everybody,


Some days ago I bought Airport Bologna. After a succesful installation and when I start this airfield, then, directly a crash. Without detecting crashes no crash but,  mentioned on the runway, it was standing by the gate. By the gate is always the crash.

So, I was flying TO Bologna and when in the landing, at the moment the wheels touch the runway, BOOM!! a crash again.


For the good understanding: I bought 3 airfields at the same moment from Simmarket. The other fields had the same problems but that's fixed. I hope.

But Bologna remains a problem and is not to use. The scenery of the field is good.

I tried a start with another airplane, but this gave the same problem. CRASH  directly. After 5 seconds waiting Prepar changed to my default airfield. As normaly after a crash.

The airfield I bought is for Prepar V4.


What's the problem and how to fix this?


Thanks for your help.



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I have the same problem and as a matter a fact checking the ignore crash box solves the problem, however it is via the forum that i have been informed not via AEROSOFT support team.

I am in serious arguments with AEROSOFT because when you download a software it should be working under a normal environment. Considering the numerous complains i found this is deffinitelly à BUG. So i consider that  in such circomstances (DOWNLOAD OF A PRODUCT THAT IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY


Otherwise such EULA would make possible to any body to sell any download product  any crap or whatsoever without any responsability

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As mentioned in other topics the problem is in this case the crash detection. Just deactivate it. 

It was also discussed very often if the crash detection is relevant or not. It’s a feature of the sim, yes. But this feature is far away from reality. And if we all seek more reality with the sim, the best is to deactivate it. Out there are a lot developers who don’t care about it. They just remove crashboxes around everything and you will never crash and notice it.

More info about an update you can find here:

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You are right but I purchased the airfield by SIMMARKET. Normaly no problems. But when ordering I have to click to agree with their conditions. So I have no leg to stand on.




I deactivated the crash detection. Now I can fly with this Bologna but it's impossible to place the plane directly on the runway. Always be placed on a same place on the platform.

No problem but when I mentioned the activate runway, it had to work.

So now I'm flying deactivated but the excitement of the landing is still the same.

I'll see if it enjoy me.


I have contacted Aerosoft about this problem but they don't answer. Pity.!


Now guys, thanks for your reaction.



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Joop, I do not find a ticket from you about this, by what means did you try contact us about this?


The issue of course is rather clear, there is some other scenery covering the same area that manipulates most likely the ground level. 

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