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Version 1.5.2. Rev 5 - Can not select platform

Egbert Drenth

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Simstarter was updated to V1.5.2 Rev5 and during start up I can not selected a flight simulator version.
There is no combo box with choices and also no OK/Cancel button.


Effectively I can not start SimStarter anymore.


BTW: Today I also updated to P3D V4.1


Please advice,



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I have just updated to V 1.5.2 and also have P3D V4.1 installed and am facing the same problem as others in this thread - in that I am not given any options to select a platform. I am confused by the responses from Tom A320 - as I do not see a reply from Otto in this thread or a link.


Tom A320 - as I appear not to be the only one who cannot find the link you are referring to - can you post it in this thread - thanks

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@Capt. Pero and Tom:

Why can't you state clearly that the update neccessary to find p3d v4.1 isn't published yet.
I think that would clear some confusion.


If I am wrong, please correct me!



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  • Deputy Sheriffs

@Henni The answer to the question/problem has been given in the very first reply in this topic. It couldn't get any faster. 


There is a difference between giving a detailed answer or a link to a topic where the answer has been already given: TIME.


It is much faster to just share a link than to write an answer that has been given already (multiple times). Please bare in mind that most of the people answering here are not getting paid for their community work they are doing. I think it really is not to much to ask for from a user to follow a link and read an answer from there, or is it?


And honestly I refuse to believe that while mastering a highly complex hobby (like the one which we all share), following a link is too complicated or confusing. Right?


And finally, the problem being described in this topic has been posted FIVE TIMES earlier already. At a certain point one wonders how many times a question needs to get asked and answered before people notice it. 


Sorry, if all this sounds a little bit harsh or offensive. It is most definitely not meant like that. Its merely describing a situation we see more and more often here in the forums, where users refuse to take a look into a forum before they post into it, or refuse to read the beginning of a topic they post to.


Ok, end of rant. You are absolutely right Henni, you have to wait for an updated version of SIMstarter NG in order to be able to use it along with P3Dv4.1. This update is in the final making and should be available soon, like being said already in here:



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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