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Run the CRJ 900 as Cargo or Passenger aircraft via FSCaptain

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Hello to everyone,

I'm facing an issue while using the AC via FSCapatin. In FSCaptain I can set up my CRJ900 asan aricraft for PAX, Cargo. Depending on which from the both i chose, my payload get set always otaining MTOW and all the other weight limitations. The given informatin is the basis for me to feed DAVE to get my COG and trin settings as well as the relevant v-speeds.

This works fine when choosing the Pax configuration. E.b. I can load the plan with 75 pax plus 4000lbs on cargo. If I do the same thing for the cargo set up it also works very fine in FSCapatin (can make a cargo e.g. 22000 lbs). But if I try now to enter this data to DAVE I do have a limitation of 5440lbs on cargo. This limit still is set even if i've 0 pax set up.

Does anyone have an idea what I'm doing wron here, or is there an entrance to be made in the aircraft config?

best regards


PS runing P3Dv4 and FSCaptain 1.8 Beta

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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