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Install Issue Fonts and W10 1703


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 The fonts used for the chrono and HGS controller keep getting deleted by W10 1703 because they are not certified Microsoft fonts. I have been trying to figure out what fonts the installer places into the windows/font directory so I can move them to the P3Dv4/font directory and install them as shortcut fonts to prevent W10 from deleting the files. Can you please let me know what fonts you place into the W10 folder? 


Thank you,


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Not sure about this, as we would have tons of reports. I myself have also the Creator Update and o not see this issue.

48 minutes ago, Ken_G said:

because they are not certified Microsoft fonts.

This is only an option and no reason for deleting fonts.

Do you have the Steam client running on your system?

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Here is the photo of the chrono.




I understand that thousands and thousands are using this product without problems and thus this is my problem alone. How about throwing me a bone and providing the names of the fonts so I can go off and try to find a solution to my unique issue. Millions of W10 1703 users also don't have this problem. It seems to only affect a select few and the solution seems to be to shortcut the fonts so W10 does not delete them.


Steam is installed and not currently running. I close steam when I am through with it.


This happens and Steam has not been used for days.

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