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Can't disconnect Ground power unit & Chocks

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This problem happened for me once or twice with earlier versions of the CRJ, but since, this is happening when this is the first flight after launching P3d. EVERY TIME - this is really frustrating. 


My procedures have been the same - P3dv4, at scenario setup, select a default AC, spawn at the gate. I usually wait for the weather and all textures to load, then load the CRJ. 

After the CRJ is on the screen, I select cold & dark. Then select the chocks and start the ground power unit, and then apply the parking brake. 

Continue with pre-flight, start the GPU, once on line, I try to disconnect the ground power unit - I CAN'T. Nor can I remove the chocks. At this point what I have to do is load another default AC, which then causes P3dv4 to CTD. 

I thought this was an oddity when it happened after I installed, but it's happening everytime on the first flight after P3dv4 launches. 


Any suggestions?

If it's any consolation, the yoke issues seemed to have resolved for me. 

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