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bhorv67 Changes?

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Sim Base Folder\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ\Readme.txt    Rev 278:
- [Fixed] FMS/FPLN: Flightplan loading via CoRoute entry
- [Fixed] HGS repositioned (FSX and P3D v3 models added)
- [Fixed] HGS repositioned (P3D v4 models only. P3D v3 and FSX/FSX-SE will follow soonÖ)
- [Added] Configuration Entry for the creation of minidump files. 
The configuration entry must be manually added to CRJ.cfg (CRJ_P3Dv4.cfg for P3D v4) like this:
0 = Don't create any minidumps
1 = Create thread-related minidumps only
2 = Create thread- and process-related minidumps
Unless a user experiences crashes, CreateMinidumps should be set to 0
- [Fixed] Thrust reversers now open before reverse thrust is set (and only close after reverse thrust is back to idle)
- [Fixed] Some more improvement in NAV turn calculation. Still needs a bit of fine tuning due to some over- and undershoots.
  Unfortunately the official FAA formulas for turn radius and turn distance anticipation are not applicable as is. 
  Right now, the anticipated turn distance has to be multiplied by 1.35 to avoid a massive overshoot.
- [Fixed] Slightly increased the upper limit for throttle cruise range
- [Fixed] Improved FPV and FD in HGS 


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