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Twin Otter Appreciation Day

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is today. Why? I just felt like it :)


tldr; Great community, thanks, made a video without speech, because plane awesome:


Let me start a while back, I bought the thing in December 2015, the 16th to be exact and eventhough I have flown myself irl I could not get my head wrapped around the model. Landing were botched and so on.

I did what every good simmer does and blamed the model. Throttle too twitchy, autopilot bad, avionics bad, you get the gist... It gathered dust for quite a while then I fiddled around in FS Economy with it a bit but always just autopiloting through the world and not really seeing the appeal.


Then I stumbled across some great videos by chance and I decided to give it another go. Strapped for cash in FS Economy, I had to go with the cheapest offer. That happened to be in Australia. Now do not get me wrong, Australia is nice and all but well, somewhat featureless. And I like to do the sim flying at the actual time with the actual weather. At the time I can sim, Australia is always dark. So I said to myself, why not fly it home. To Canada. And while you are at it, learn to fly the thing. The DHC-6 has always been my favourite plane, sadly I never got to ride in one yet. I just love its looks, its power, the complete package so to say.


So off I went on an adventure so to say. The journey started on April 3rd this year and I reached Canada on September 2nd. And boy was it a ride and then some, 109 stops overall. The weather in Indonesia and India was atrocious. I could not get to Nepal to do mountain flying because of it. Nevertheless it was done. Almost exclusively on vatsim, apart from the days where my Internet crapped out and flown by hand in real time. And it was a handful. IFR at night in weather really is something :) A bit tooling around in Europe was needed to get the lease rates done in FSE as I not always took the most economical routes.


Now that this is done I kind of feel like it needs to see other places as well.Falklands? China and Nepal? Madagascar? I am not quite sure yet. Maybe Japan and complete the round trip. I will see.


This time of enjoyment was possible because of this great community and some members in particular.


Thank you Finn and Matthijs for all the questions you answered, that I only silently read and never replied to. And thank you and the rest of Aerosoft for sticking with the product over such a live span. That is way more than many other companies do.


Thank you Mark Hurst for your awesome tutorials, I wish I had the craftsmanship as you do, to built something alike. Now the thing lands on the runway, as it should (eventhough I'd have gotten a bonk on the head for flaps extension in the final turn and cutting power too early by my FI). And thank you for all your other tips as well. Still on the fence whether I should get the TSS sound pack or not. And I would have not learned about LINDA without you and still have to try your icing mod.


Thank you jankees (and of course all the other livery creators) for making a cool looking livery. Sadly I am as bad with photoshop as I am with making videos. So I will not have a livery with my call sign, but work like yours has made the product way more enjoyable.


Thank you nieto with your 10 posts and your awesome clear window texture. The color degradation that I had from the original always irked me. This has made this so much more enjoyable.


And thanks to all that have not been mentioned but make up this great, helpful community...


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