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VNAV advisory descent

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This still appears to not be working properly. I did a flight from EBBR to EDDM in the -700.

The distance from TOD appeared on the MFD (in VNAV mode) 49nm from TOD. The time to TOD was also displayed.

Then at 27nm to go, the distance got "stuck" at 27 nm ( no longer decreased) to go but the time continued to count down to 1 minute.


There also seems to be no correlation between the snowflake on the ADI and the blue doughnut on the VSI.

Surely the snowflake should appear at the top (like a GS indicator) and as you get closer to the TOD, it should move down to the centre when you reach TOD. At this point, the blue doughnut should start moving

on the VSI to indicate rate of descent required. I believe the original Wilco CRJ worked like that. Makes sense.


I also found the snowflake to be very "jumpy" at times. It also disappears and then reappears during DES as does the blue doughnut.


Can your CRJ RW pilots on the team please explain how it should work.





Using FSX-SE

4690K at 4.0

8 GB ram

1060GTX with 6GB

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I think you explained it perfectly well by yourself. That is how it should work and at the moment it does not do so consistently in the sim.


It is on Hans's todo list as soon as the LNAV part is stable. 

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