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German Airport 3 Hamburg (FSX)

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Wow that's bright.

Maybe it works with FlusiFix.  http://www.wolfgang-picheta.de/


Achso, kann ja auch Deutsch sprechen :D

Probier es mal mit diesem Tool. Dort kann man die Lichter von den Runways und Taxiways einstellen.

Wenn es funktioniert hat, dann lass es mich wissen.

Schönen Abend.


RJ100 Swiss

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@RJ100 Swiss please keep the roles of this forum, it's not the german support forum.


You tip with the tool will not help, the tool will only effects default Afcad Runwaylights, which are not used at german airports.

The lights will only effected by the halo.bmp of the FSX, where several addons provide replacements (like Activ Sky), which maybe helps or maybe generate to bright versions.

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ok, I have copied a smaller halo.bmp, now it works better.


but an other problem when I make a landing, when I am center to the runway I see the runway lights and the red light on the building are very well. But when I leave the center to the runway a little bit, then goes the approach lighting system and the red lights on the buildings out.


any help for this?

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can you make screenshot ( jpg please) of both situations and attach them here please. Make it on dask or dawn, so we can see your position better.

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The problems are around EDDH it does not matter which rwy course I us. Sometimes the light pops up an some times not...

1. final rwy 23

01 final rwy 23-91.jpg


2. final rwy 23

02 final rwy 23-91.jpg


3. final rwy 23

03 final rwy 23-91.jpg


4. fly by to rwy 15

04 fly by to rwy 15-91.jpg


5. final rwy 15

05 final rwy 15-91.jpg


6. final rwy 15

06 final rwy 15-91.jpg


7. final rwy 15

07 final rwy 15-91.jpg


8. fly by to rwy 05

08 fly by to rwy 05-91.jpg

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I think there is no interest more to solve the problem, although I should post pictures and you ask for an update to P3D4...

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