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Shared Cockpit Airliners (with Virtual Cockpit)

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There are many General Aviation aircraft which are partially for fully Shared Cockpit capable, however this post will focus on Airliners with this capability.  I do not count DeskPilot as being Shared Cockpit as both pilots can't operate aircraft systems at the same time and of course it requires mapped keys to operate those systems.  Hopefully PMDG will see the light sooner or later and provided Shared Cockpit for their aircraft.


Thankfully Majestic, Aerosoft and TFDi Design saw the light and other developers are following suit (please don't ask as I'm not at liberty to reveal any more information at the moment).


Below is a table of Shared Cockpit Capable aircraft that have a virtual cockpit as of 08/29/2017.


Screenshot - 8_29_2017 , 12_59_42 PM.png



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