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I am having issues with the two addons I downloaded from FlightFactor (757-200 Pro and 777 World Extended)  Perhaps I did not install the file properly in the aircraft folder - Put the sub-folders (Boeing757-200 & Boeing777Extended) in the Laminar Research folder.  Icons and livery selections are totally screwed up.  Multiple 757-200 and 777- folders, one group showing for example 777-200ER and then 777-200ER_XP11.


Also receiving errors - 1) FF: Incompatible ACF - ACF file is incompatible with X-Plane 11: 777-200ER.act; 2)  The aircraft appears to load however I get a Windows pop-up asking "How do you want Windows to open this file?  ( .JAR files).


Some help here would be appreciated.









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that is, because the Flightfactor (and many other) aircrafts come with two acf versions.

One for x-plane 11 and one for x-Plane 10.

With X-Plane 11, you must load the XP11 version.
You can see this in the X-Plane 11 aircraft selection menu by clicking "Customize" in the small aircraft image.
Then look below the acf file to be loaded. It must be for X-Plane 11 "<Aircraftname>_xp11.acf".
The <Aircraftname>.acf only works with X-Plane 10.
If you do not want to have both versions displayed in X-Plane 11, you can remove the "<Aircraftname>.acf" file from the X-Plane 11 aircraft folder of the aircraft.


For X-Plane 11 you only can use the ....._xp11.acf.



Please install these three 64bit C++ Libraries from Microsoft if you are on Windows. Also if they are installed. Sometimes the C++ libraries are defective...
This is very important for most X-Plane 10/11 aircrafts. Also the FlightFactor Addons:



And also Java shall be correct installed (otherwise there may be .jar file problems....):


All c++ you find here.


Greets Heinz




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Greetings Heinz,


Have removed the x-plane 10 act files and that was very helpful.  I have installed java and will test.  Also, on the three Microsoft VC files, the first two had errors.  It allowed me to uninstall and then reinstall both!  On the third file "48145" it fails to install.  The error log says it cannont install a product when a newer version is installed.  What do you recommend on this?




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Hello Steve,


ok, if you have installed the C++ 64bit redistributables 2015 (this is file 48145) then I think it is ok.

You can see it with the Windows Sytem Control program (programs and features).


Additionally you shall try to install the C++ 64bit 2017 from the last link too.


Greets Heinz

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Howdy Heinz,


Removed the 48145 C++ file, downloaded and reinstalled successfully.  Now - Things are looking better except for a number of the icons and subsequently when the plane loads, it is a blank livery.  Nice and clean, just no airlines on it.


I have included a copy of the file for the 777.



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