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Average winds on different flightlevels

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I was wondering if it's currently possible to display the average winds on certain flightlevels on the OFP. 

For instance, KLM shows the AVGW on their OFP's for three different flightlevels. On the real OFP I have, they use FL310, FL200 and FL100. The planned cruising level for the particular flight the OFP was made for, was FL380. (Kristiansand to Amsterdam)


I don't know for sure how the three flightlevels are chosen, but since we can choose the altitude of the windcharts we want to include in the OFP generated by PFPX, I thought it would be a neat feature to have. So incase I've missed a certain code in the new Flightplan Formatting guide 2.0, please let me know what code I can use to display the average wind on a certain FL/ ALT. If it's not possible, I'd like to take this opportunity to request this feature.


Many thanks,


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There's usually a wind breakdown towards the end of the plan that shows the wind speed and direction at everywaypoint over 3 or 4 altitudes. For examplse see below.  However if you want an average wind per Flight Level then currently I do not believe that its possible to do that.


Easyjet Example


540N                    4250N                    NOSID             
N4500.0                  N4200.0                  N3406.5
W04000.0                 W05000.0                 W06854.8
FL380  329/053 -53       FL380  312/047 -52       FL390  248/020 -55
FL360  330/055 -51       FL360  310/044 -47       FL370  248/021 -50
FL340  330/058 -49       FL340  307/041 -42       FL350  247/022 -44
FL320  331/056 -44       FL320  303/037 -38       FL330  247/023 -39
FL300  331/053 -39       FL300  297/033 -33       FL310  246/024 -34

Thomson Example (excuse the formatting)


WPT        FL300         FL320         FL340         FL360         FL380     
GAPLI    27069M36P09   27073M41P07   27077M46P07   27080M50P06   27082M54P02   
OMOKO    25069M35P09   25073M40P08   25076M45P07   25079M50P07   25082M54P03   
4815N    24069M35P09   24072M40P08   24075M45P07   24078M49P07   24081M53P03   
4820N    22076M37P07   23081M42P07   23086M46P06   23089M50P06   23093M53P03   


Air Canada


4820N               4830N               4540N               4250N             
FL380  217/084 -49  FL380  327/057 -51  FL380  308/072 -54  FL380  243/048 -53
FL360  214/090 -48  FL360  327/064 -51  FL360  307/065 -50  FL360  241/046 -48
FL340  210/096 -47  FL340  327/072 -50  FL340  305/056 -45  FL340  239/043 -43
FL320  210/096 -43  FL320  326/069 -45  FL320  305/049 -40  FL320  240/043 -38
FL300  210/096 -39  FL300  325/067 -41  FL300  306/042 -35  FL300  241/042 -32






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