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Liveries...where are you?!

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I'm no skilled livery painter, but even so, I've a few creations to my credit.


However, the CRJ paintkit vexes me with its deeply nested "rocket science" complexity (in comparison to paintkits that I have previously seen).


Even the two plain white 700/900 liveries are overly fastidious for my limited skills. 


This leaves me reliant on others painting the real world and fictional liveries that I (and others?) would very much like. 


Yet new liveries are barely trickling in, so my hopes for a plethora of colourful CRJ's are fading. For instance, a fictional Binter Canarias CRJ700 coloured with curvaceously wavy bright green stripes. 


If there is one thing that I'd like is for the uninstaller to provide an option for leaving user settings and additional liveries, because each time I uninstall in preparation for a version upgrade, I lose my settings, and this is (A) irritating and (b) has caused me twice to lose my as yet unfinished colourful Binter Canarias CRJ700...


Just saying....


Love the aircraft, but it needs more repaints, please.


Best wishes,


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