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Mathijs Kok released

Recommended Posts Release Rev 248
- [Fixed] FMS: Added additional valdity checks for any fuel and time output to avoid potential CTDs due to buffer overflows*
- [Fixed] AP: APPR mode not capturing glideslope when NAV mode was active before
- [Fixed] FMS: Fixed a problem that caused Crs/Hdg to Along Track Distance legs to not properly switch to the next waypoint (KMSP 30R LEINY5 departure)
- [Fixed] FMS: Fixed a problem with Fix-to-DME Distance legs which messed up the distance/fuel/time calculations and ultimately caused a CTD due to buffer overflow  Rev 248
- [Fixed] PFD: VOR-Pointers showing bearing to localizers
- [Fixed] PFD: ADF-Pointers visible when ADF signal strength is zero
- [Fixed] AP: Sensitivity for autopilot disconnect feature due to aileron, elevator or rudder input decreased to avoid unwanted disconnects with unprecise control hardware
- [Fixed] ACP: Radio Idents are now being switched off on loading the aircraft. No beeping anymore!
- [Fixed] RTU: Improved initialization for more better representation of the loading status of FSX/P3D Rev 251
- [Added] AP: switch auto-coordination on when autopilot is on
- [Fixed] FMS: Radio page now accepts COM frequencies with less than 3 decimal places (i.e. 122.8 instead of 122.800)
- [Fixed] FMS: Can not enter a direct airway after a SID ending with a (VECT) leg
- [Fixed] FMS: Auto-sequencing after SID or before STAR
- [Fixed] FMS: Long directs now following the line
- [Fixed] AP: FD commanding additional bank angle shortly before reaching selected heading in HDG HOLD when AP is off
- [Added] DAVE: New aircraft state "Turnaround" to simulate aircraft state after the first flight of the day
- [Fixed] FMS: Multiple improvements in SID and STAR tracking
- [Fixed] MFD: Radius to Fix drawing routine
- [Fixed] MFD: Course/Heading to Intercept Next Leg drawing routine
- [Fixed] General: Improved loading and saving of aircraft state with a flight
- [Fixed] Improved flaps extension/rectraction effects
- [Fixed] Improved localizer and glideslope capture
- [Fixed] FMS: Error in the calculation of the number of pages on the ARRIVAL page
- [Fixed] FMS: De-selecting a STAR now also clears the STAR to enroute transition
- [Fixed] 2D MCDUs are now resizable and should no longer have issues with mixed resolution setups (4K + 1080)
- [Fixed] FMS: STARs with multiple STAR->Approach transitions are now show the correct available runways
- [Fixed] FMS: FMS keyboard input is now stopped while modal P3D dialog windows (for example Go To Airport) are open
- [Fixed] HGS: FPV and flight director source data dampening (less jittering)
- [Fixed] FMS: A CTD when entering a runway that doesn't have an opposite end in the nav data (i.e. EDDF Rwy 18)
- [Fixed] FMS: SID waypoints are now inserted in the correct order if the STAR has been selected before the departure runway and SID
- [Fixed] FMS: Switching the runway no longer causes the STAR to be reset to start
- [Fixed] Gear: Reduced the brake cooldown times during flight (gear retracted)
- [Fixed] MFD: Removed overlapping HDG bug digital indication
- [Fixed] PFD: Glideslope not visible in right PFD
- [Fixed] PFD: Advisory VNAV path indicator no longer shows positive vertical speed
- [Fixed] EGPWS: Terrain mode lock now released after terrain alert is over
- [Fixed] Elec: ADG deploying after loading scenario in the air
- [Fixed] Elec: AC Bus Auto Xfer disabled after loading scenario in the air
- [Fixed] AP: Autopilot deactivating after loading scenario         Rev 252
- [Fixed] FMS: CTD when clicking TO WPT on the MFD ADV page without a loaded flightplan
- [Fixed] AP: Altitude selection knob acceleration

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