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OMSI 2 - Projekt Lublin (New map)

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Hey guys,


A couple months ago there was a thread about the new Projekt Lublin map, and I have to say that it's genuinely really good! A little more insight into it - It's a new map based on Lublin, Poland. It features all custom models and buildings, many of which were made just for this map! The realism in the structures, road layouts, everything is just fantastic! It's also very much in BETA, so more routes and entirely new bus models are also expected to release in the future. In my own opinion, this map could be one of if not the most realistic map I've driven in this game, just based on how much work the developers have put into this.



I've also done a video showcasing the map if you guys are interested and want to get more of a reaction from me about this map!



Check out my YouTube Channel for more Simulator and Gaming content!





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