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Transponder TA/RA?

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No the CRJ doesn't have an  autothrottle feature.  Just like the real plane the pilot has to control the energy of the airplane during the whole flight.  This is really important in the cruise portion as the plane can overspeed really quickly.  As for activating the transponder on the center pedistool there is the com radio by the Captains right leg.  The switch under the RTU that says ATC select has to be moved from STBY to either 1 or 2.  Since you will most likely be flying from the left seat I would switch it to one.  Then verify the TCAS and Transponder are set the way you want.  I have attached a photo with the area circled in white to help.


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Where can i activate transponder?

Also, CRJ doesn't has Authrottle, isn't it?


There is a 3-position rotary switch on the center console, by the standby radio control head. That turns the transponder on. The center position is marked "Standby". Rotate it one click left to "1".


You are correct, there are NO autothrottles.

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