How to install new liveries.

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Hello I've recently downloaded a livery from the forum (link at the bottom), followed the instructions on how to install but for some reason I'm not getting anything when I start FSX. 

I've downloaded the zip file, dragged it into the Aerosoft Airbus Livery Manager and clicked install. It seemed to have installed but there was no preview to see the aircraft which I thought was a little odd. I started FSX and indeed the plane was not there. 


If possible I would like a step by step procedure on how to install liveries using the livery manager provided by Aerosoft. I get the "dragging zip file thing" but is there anything more I have to do to have the livery installed?


Here is the livery I tried installing it's an Airbus A319 IAE Air Serbia.


Thanks a lot!!



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I hear that you are struggling with installing repaints. here are the steps to installing a repaint for the Aerosoft  Airbus A319


  1. download the file 
  2. extract the file 
  3. when prompted with the Clean version, Dirt version and three JPG files and the readme text file choose the texture you would like to use (EX: Dirt Version\ texture.Air Serbia YU-APA
  4. drag and drop the texture of your choice to your desktop
  5. open the Readme.txt file and copy and paste the [flightsim.x] text to the Aircraft.cfg In the C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus A319 CFM
  6. enter the next a number in the [flightsim.x]    (example: Flightsim.4 Flightsim.5 and so on and so forth)
  7. after you have entered the number, Hit File-Save. then close the text window.
  8. drag and drop the texture that is located on your desktop into the same folder that the aircraft.cfg file is  located
  9. start FSX and it should be installed.

if for whatever reason problems arise let me know.  The livery manager has not worked well in the past and I don't see it very useful. This is an easier way to go about things. 

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