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Mathijs Kok

Why are you not helping me?

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As we see sales go up to many thousands, it is inevitable we will see some users where the add-on simply will not function. Right now I believe we have around four but this will rise. In our experience aircraft add-ons cause these kinds of problems on about 0.1% of customers. 


The reasons are always varied but in the end it always boils down to two simple facts:

  1. The same files work on thousands of other systems (so it simply can't be the add-on).
  2. These issue are always solved by a clean install of the OS and the sim. I fully understand this is not what you want to hear, but it is a fact. If your system is without faults the software will run. 


Now we will always try to assist these users and try to point out where the issue is, but it means debugging the users simulator setup, unrelated to our product. And often it is not efficient. I would say that in about 25% of these cases we are unable to offer any assist because there is not enough information to give any help and in 50% of cases what we say does not lead to a solution. 


However and again, if it works on 99.9% of systems and not on yours, I understand you are upset but please do not blame the add-on.

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Four out of thousands? Microsoft, Apple, et all would be delighted to have such a low issue rate.

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9 hours ago, GordonM said:

Well see, Mathijs it's actually time you woke from your dream.


If your CRJ "product" is anything to go by, your A320/A330 products are going to be disasters, and your company will suffer badly. Endless patches and re-installers on a daily basis are not actually the hallmarks of a healthy product.


They are incontrovertible indications that something is seriously wrong with your development and testing process.

Personally I love the fact that Aerosoft are on the ball so quickly and they keep the updates coming. I'd rather lots of updates for several problems much more than 1 update that never comes to fix 1 problem.

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In Mathijs' own words (accentuation is mine):


"Let me write some word on the pending release.


Nobody on our side would call this project 'finished' at this moment. But it is 'good enough for release' in our eyes and we feel that the progress towards the 'final' version (if there is ever such a thing) will be faster and more customer orientated with the code on the customer's machines. This is not the same as releasing and using the customers as testers, we very well know what area still need work, but in discussion with the customers it will become more clear what the priorities should be.

Now that sounds a bit 'fuzzy', I agree. What it boils down to is simple however, if you buy now you will get a steady stream of tweaks, fixes and new features over the cause of several weeks. Some people like that a lot, as they see their input being used, others find it highly annoying. The latter group we simply advise to wait a bit and buy the CRJ in two weeks. 


As always we'll be open and honest in discussions about the strengths and weaknesses of this release. As you know it was most certainly not one of our more simple developments and we seriously underestimated the complexity. As time progressed we had to keep up with the steady increase of complexity of add-ons and we were not aiming for a steady target but one that was moving forward all the time. It's like flying a complex aircraft, if you get 'behind the aircraft' it is damned hard to catch up."




In all seriousness, this doesn't sound like a problem that only affects "0.1% of customers" ... I venture into saying that this release was at least two months too early, and that it affects customers much more broadly.




Don't get me wrong, though: The concept of this title is very convincing. It's "medium-depth with a plus" - as reflected already in the price of the product. Many systems and details already support this aspiration. But some bugs and omissions are glaring, and a few systems are not yet up to the level other systems already are.


I am sure, though, that in about two months this software will look even more convincing to even more people. And, frankly speaking, that's when it should be/should have been released.


Just my 0.02., obviously ...

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My comment about it working on 99.9% of the systems was made in combination with the title 'why are you not helping me'. It is NOT about the issue we know about and are working on, it is about issues that one very few people have. For example a customer this morning complained the aircraft only wants to go backwards and refuses to go forwards. That's an issue only he has and it simply can't be a bug in the aircraft.  Other examples are the person where the aircraft crashes when he opens Outlook on his second screen, the person on whose system the engines seem to be ten times as powerful as they should be.


Do not make this topic wider than it should be. I really want to explain about these very specific issues. 

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Point taken and you may want to edit those clarifying examples into your opening post - otherwise it might be slightly misleading for other customers as well who are seeking support for "normal" CRJ issues.


I can perfectly relate to your experience: I had the AS buses working in FSX-MS until, some day, they refused to function. Installed the Steam edition of FSX next to my disk version and found that the buses work normally there. Have added a huge number of addons to that Steam addition since, but the buses continue to work. A likely explanation for the buses not working in my disk version anymore is some unidentified addon which might have broken something or created an incompatibility there. But how should AS support ever identify it?!?

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Today I found an answer to one of my problems in

Wouldn't it be helpful to publish such hints in PDF format and put it in the download area including delivery with every update of the aircraft - avoiding internet search ? (And not only for CRJ ;-)

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