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To kityatyi1 (concerning your dissatisfaction with the DA/AS CRJ)

Cheyenne Chief Pilot

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Would you mind if Aerosoft arranged a CRJ licence transfer from your simMarket account to mine?

I'd happily send you the net price of the CRJ (without the VAT) then.


My offer to you is based on the following:

  • I read most of the DA/AS CRJ documentation.
  • I made two quick hops yesterday in the older CRJ payware renditions (feelThere and Wilco next gen).
  • I watched Dave's and Hans' CRJ live stream
  • I read most of the customer comments here in this forum and on Avsim.
  • I've been watching Hans' lightning-fast one-to-one customer support.
  • I'm aware of Frank's numerous futile attempts to break Hans' CRJ. (The CRJ just grew even stronger each and every time. :P)
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  • Root Admin

Gents, kityatyi has been banned from the forum. We tried to explain him a few times that our forum is NOT a public forum but part of our marketing and support and that we decide what is allowed and what not. His last post was insulting and ranting. I am sure he will go to other forums to complain how unfair we are, so be it. It happens. He'll probably also make new accounts for our forum as he just done and we'll remove those as well. We have given kityatyi room to explain his point of view (even if it was not in the correct section)  as we will always do. It was not his comments but his behavior that caused us to ban him. 


We have taken notice of the comments he posted, but we simply do not agree, nor does anybody else seems to agree. As I written, it is impossible to create an add-on that will make all the people happy, there will be always a certain amount of people that are unhappy for some reason.  For some add-ons more then for others. If is stays below 0.5% of customers we have an absolute winner. 


But let's not feed the trolls. 

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