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Taxi light with P3D V4


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In response to Herman's message :


- I know where is the taxi light switch !
- In my P3D V4 the landing lights work (and all other lights too) but not the taxi light


Attached files : An image with my settings in P3D V4, an image with the landing light on (taxi light off) and an image with only the taxi light on





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The taxi light isn't very bright, but it's definitely there, with and without Dynamic Lighting.


No lights and therefor the runway is totally dark:

DHC-6 No Lights.jpg



Taxi light only (DL off). Here you can read the "19". The thin yellow line is the left edge of the light cone. Dim yes, but still quite readable with the room lights down low, which is the best way to have an immersive night session. The taxi light does work.




Landing and taxi lights together (DL off): The red line shows the left edge of the taxi light cone and the yellow, the left edge of the landing light cone.

DHC-6 Land and Taxi Lights.jpg



Taxi light only (DL on). As above, the runway number is invisible without the taxi light. With DL on, you can now see the number, although again dimly. So again, it does work. BTW, with DL, the taxi light doesn't seem to be any brighter:

DHC-6 Taxi Light DL.jpg



Taxi and landing lights (DL on). First time I've used DL and the runway sure looks better. Some hit on the FPS of course but flyable:

DHC-6 Land Light DL.jpg

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Thanks for your answer,


Sorry but I dont see any différence beetwen your picture where the runway is totally dark and the runway with only the taxi lights.


For me, all the pictures where only the taxi light is on, the runway is totally dark


For example, here is a atached file whre the taxi light is on with the Turbine Duke. On this picture we can clearly see the lighted runway





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I did some testing with other aircraft in P3D V4 and perhaps not surprisingly, I had mixed results:

  • With the F-22, there was a difference between the taxi and landing light. The taxi light was "brighter" (= more contrast between the light cone and dark areas) than the Twin Otter and the landing light looked about the same. The best effect I observed.
  • With the default F-16, there was no runway illumination with either light, although the visual model showed a different light source depending on which light was on. The underside of the fuselage was lit but not the ground. And yes, "Landing-lights illuminate ground" was checked.
  • A commercial add-on used the same light cone for both the taxi and landing light, so obviously, the taxi light was pleasingly bright, but IMO, it wasn't realistic.

So I think the DHC-6 taxi light does work, but should be more like halfway between where it is now and the landing light effect. And, if you don't have the room lights down, everything looses contrast at night. There's very little apparent "brightness" with the Twin Otter taxi light in a well lit room.

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I guess I'll have to ask you to simply trust me that there's a difference. it's very noticeable on my desktop and laptop, especially with the room lights down. With the taxi light off, the runway is pitch black, no numbers or centerline stripes, and no taxi markings. I can see them well enough with the taxi light on.

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5 hours ago, Herman said:

I guess I'll have to ask you to simply trust me that there's a difference.


I see the difference in your pics, although it is subtle. Might the HDR setting make a difference?

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Answer to mopperle :


I hope, you are joking. Your pictures are totally dark. I see only any green, white and red points.


Or esle, my computer (or my sight) has a big problem... :banghead1_s::beatcomputer_s:

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Joking aside, I know what problem is we are all facing here. LM introduced with v4 a feature called "Dynamic LIghting" which highly influences the ground reflection. Below some screenshots with dynamic lighting turned off:

Landing and taxi lights off:


only landing lights on


only taxi lights on



I do not think there is an easy solution in sight, as I remember the reflection also depends on the ground textures. So you can have different reflection on diffrent locations with the same aircraft lights.

I can see the same "weak" lights with deafult v4 aircarft, e.g. the Bonanza (which comes from Carenado).

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I believe it's time to close this thread. Some of us see the taxi light working, although a bit weak and some don't. Most likely, the difference is individual computer and monitor settings (I forgot to add that mine is calibrated with a hardware device). Nevertheless, it does work.

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