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Trondheim Vaernes: ENVA or XENVA ?

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Trondheim Vaernes X V2.0 / ver. 1.02 reports in MakeRunways as "XENVA" instead of "ENVA". This in turn produces an error when importing airport data into Aivlasoft EFB.


This is from the "Runways.txt" file generated by MakeRunways:


Airport XENVA :N63:27:51.7095  E010:56:03.3365  0ft
          Country Name="Norway"
          State Name=""
          City Name="Stjordal"
          Airport Name="Vaernes AlphaFlatten"
          in file: Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Vaernes V2.0\scenery\ENVA_Alpha_Flatten.bgl



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as the info comes ENVA_Alpha_Flatten.bgl that looks like a fake runway so a "fake" icao would be ok, doesn't makerunway detect the right AFCAD (with the right ICAO?.


5 letter ICAOs normally just produce a warning in EFB when imported, not an error.

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