A319 CFM Fuel Flow - We finally need a fix!

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Dear Community, Dear Aerosoft Developers,

as you might know, the Airbus A319 CFM Fuel Flow is far off the values it should be. In Picture 1 you can see the Current Situation, flying from LBBG to EDDW. Planned TripFuel was 5873kg, which results in a total of 8328kg with all reserves aboard. ZFW is 50076 , TOW 58204. When entering the actual Inflight Values the A319 gives I get a Fuel Bias of ~15%, stating that the Fuel Flow is Far Off (normal values are 3-5%) (PIC done with the PFPX Bias Function, entered BIAS was already 3,0%, but your bus still eats more fuel) . I have only seen this on the A319 CFM. We finally need a fix for that!
Of course you could always multiply the planned trip fuel with 1,15, but this isn´t the solving of this problem.
Dear Developers: Yes it can be, that you did several flights with the A319 in the beta test phases, but as you can see something went wrong there. Lets get another example:
Flight from EDDG to GCTS:
ZFW: 50138 kg
Trip Fuel: 10159 kg
Block Fuel: 12671 kg
Now let´s do the math: 10159 x 1,15 = 11682
11682-10159 = In my opinion that makes a difference of 1523 kg Fuel the Airbus uses, although it shouldn´t use it.

I´m really sad about this Issue. Issues can occur, of course, but i´ts not the first time you get to read about Fuel Flow issues on the a319 and so I excpect a HOTFIX!. I would appreciat if you could have a look into this. I think a simple change in the Performance.dat file could maybe fix the problem.

Thank you,



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Yes, but not really convinced. Why do we as costumers have to change something in the .cfg files?It´s the developers job. I am BTW Using the FUEL_FLOW_SCALAR=0.47 value. But since Update 1.21 this Value doesn´t change the fuel flow of the AS Bus anymore. Sadly.



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