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Mega Airport Singapore X preview

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Mega Airport Singapore X (by Antti Haka), It's still some way off but we thought it would be nice to share some first images!

Another Aerosoft decision i can not understand. There are many great airports which were never made in FS. For Singapore there is a high quality payware coming up soon.   If you need inspira

We'll also make sure this works on P3d V4. The only decision that has not yet been made (because there is no release version) is if the new options will be used. But making scenery work might be as si

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It's certainly not dead, however big airports like Singapore need time. Knowing Antti and his past projects we know he takes a little time, but the result is always top notch! You can be sure it won't be different on this one!

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27 minutes ago, Geddy_2112 said:

As a developer or in Mathijs' case this must be the equivalent  of "are we there yet?" when on a road trip with kids.



"Are we there yet?"

(Sorry, couldn't help myself!) :lol:

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10 hours ago, Manny said:

Singapore and Lukla are the two I am waiting for


You've gotta love the  scenery development waiting room for new airports..  Each seat has a refresh button and the magazines have all been read 1.6 million times.  There are some people in the waiting room who have been here for literally years.  They've never gone home.   Their refresh buttons no longer work.  But they wait.   They're good at waiting.  Waiting is awesome.

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vor 9 Stunden , anbrod1 sagte:

Is Bali going to be upgraded to P3DV4?????


You might better open a new topic because this is the MA Singapore X preview topic and not Bali. In addition, I don't understand why you use 5 questions mark in your sentence. It's unpolite and 1 question mark might be enough.

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This seems to be one of the few airports in development where the title hasn't yet changed from "Mega Airport" to "Professional". Does that mean that a version for FSX is still planned?

And seeing how all the way back in January you were awaiting the files from the developer, is there any progress to report?

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