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Aerosoft A-320 - 321 frame rate droping to 3 fpm

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Dear friends. I am systematically having a problem with the Aerosoft A-320 - 321. From time to time the FSX frame rate begins to decrease, and decreases until it reaches 3 fpm, when it becomes impossible to continue. The only solution that I can give to the problem is to completely UNINSTALL the Aerosoft A-320 - 321 and REINSTALL it again. Is there any other solution to the problem?

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First of all, you are in the Spanish section, in case you speak Spanish you can do it!

If you only speak English please go to an appropriate place for that language.


Regarding to your problem, if you have low FPS in you FSX please tell us what are your system specs? Desktop PC or Laptop? Also, how is your FSX configured?


We need more information, we need to know why you have low FPS.





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