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Madeira X Evolution. Missing taxi/apron lines (P3D)


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vor 2 Stunden , I.J. sagte:


Here's the picture:


Some of ground markings are there but none of taxiway_*** or white_red textures show up.

Thanks in advance,


What Version of P3D are you running? 3.4.22 is the minimum requirement at the moment.

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Mine is 2.5. I've been slightly misguided by the review on the product page saying Madeira X Evo requires P3Dv.2.5 too and by a little hope that even if it's not 100% exact, the scenery would work perfectly like any other P3Dv3 scenery I have does (Rome, Menorca, Malaga Stuttgart, etc).

Anyway, I (kind of) managed to get the lines displayed combining MKSTUDIOS_MADEIRA and MKSTUDIOS_MADEIRAfsx folders in C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects and copying some textures from the MadeiraX2016\Texture folder into the C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects\MKSTUDIOS_MADEIRA\texture:


The only thing I was unable to do is to flatten the "fsx lines" with the p3d ground but it's better than no lines at all.

By the way, the product manual also says that scenery is compatible with p3dv.2.5 ;)



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