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NAVDATA PRO Xplane 11 FF767

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hey guys, i have looked everywhere and asked for help via facebook groups but no luck. 

Can anyone please help me to install the NAVDATA PRO to the correct folder for flight factor 767 in xplane 11?


I have tried  Custom data/GNS430/Navdata and xplane/aircraft/ff767/data/navdata/gns430/navdata or custom data 


and still no luck. 

Thank you 

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what Data you have used?


Do you have tried this instructions from the manual.pdf in the Aircraft folder of the b767. Page 26.


The model uses a navigation database (AIRAC).

The hierarchy of nav database location is:

1. sim/Custom Data/STSFF/navdata/, which can be manually managed.

2. sim/Custom Data/GNS430/navdata/, which can be installed from Navigraph or Aerosoft.

3. sim/Resources/GNS430/navdata/, which is supplied with X-Plane 10 by default (absent in XP11).

4. acf/data/navdata/, a fallback database supplied with the model (not recent).

So, you can use the model with the database supplied with X-Plane (XP10 only), with the fallback database, or with a custom GNS430 Navigation Database from Navigraph or Aerosoft (X-Plane GNS430 package).


I am not on my computer at the time, but I will check tis as soon as possible...


Greets Heinz

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Can anyone explain exactly, step by step, how to install Nav Data Pro in X-Pane 11 so that it will work with the flight Factor 767-ER300?

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vor 10 Stunden , SharpeXB sagte:

Can anyone explain exactly, step by step, how to install Nav Data Pro in X-Pane 11 so that it will work with the flight Factor 767-ER300?


Simply make sure that you have the folder "X-Plane 11 / Custom Data / GNS430". With NavDataPro, you can get this folder by installing X-Plane 10 (!!) data into X-Plane 11, see




So you tell NavDataPro to install X-Plane 10 GNS430 into your X-Plane 11 path.


The proper solution would be of course that aircraft developers would stop to rely on the GNS430 location in their XP11 offerings and start to use the new location ("X-Plane 11 / Custom Data / CIFP"), but it's easier for developers to just stick with the old place (because the new one has also a different format and requires re-writing the navdata parsers).

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