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Aerosoft and Xplane


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I read your advertisement, where you say  Xplane will be the flight simulator for the future. In my opinion, Aerosoft has made Harakiri. In fact, since untill now I have spent 3000 or 4000 euro for aircrafts and sceneries, up to now, I will think a thousand times in the future, before to buy a plane or a scenery.
   I can not throw away all my sceneries and planes to, move to Xplane. So I remain flying by FSX and not buy anything except Italian sceneries.
That's all. Now send me the usual injuries: to be Italian :-)


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Hello Dino,


well that is normal, most customer did this.

For sure you can use FSX in the future also we ll add new sceneries and aircrafts to it, but fact is XPlane has a ongoing developement and will get more and more support.
There is nothing that does not allow you to take both simulator.

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