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User manual for the A350

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X-Plane andA350 user Horst-Helmut Krause (hhk) has written and sent us a short user manual for the A350. With many screenshots and very clearly the author explains how to start the aircraft from cold & dark, how to program the FMC, how to fly, and how to secure the aircraft after landing.


A very helpful work, which facilitates understanding this aircraft.


You can download the PDF here:


A350 by FlightFactor aero - brief manual v1.0.pdf


Many thanks to the author!

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Dear Mario Donick,


Thanks for the manual. It's really helpful. I thought I was doing something right but  you corrected me. Your work is highly appreciated. 

At the moment, I am having issues with setting wing views. It's difficult and almost like trying to break through a concrete wall. Any idea as to how to go around this? Your assistance would be highly appreciated.




Eric Soclo

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