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Bugs I've experienced and some suggestions

aki rankka

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Theres a HUGE fps drop in tunnels. I'm normally playing at something like 40 fps but when a tunnel comes the framerate drops to abou 5 fps and bacause of that the passengers complain about light accidents and steering misbehaviors.
When the AI changes lanes they don't care if you're coming from behind and they will crash into you and again, passengers will complain about accidents.
Sometimes there are AI cars driving the in wrong direction on highways.
When you drive over a tunnel on highway you can hear tunnel sounds as if you were driving in a tunnel.
Bus sounds are WAAY too loud. You can hear the other buses as clearly as the would drive next to you even if they are driving far away from you.
Sometimes the luggage doors won't open and you need to restart the game and the front door on the Lions Coach doesn't open from inside.
If you pause the game on highway, when you resume the game you will get a steering misbehavior complain.
The speed limits on the gps change too slowly after the sign is seen.
The exits from highways have too big speedlimits. I'm getting complans about being too slow when I want to drive carefully and complains about steering misbehaviors when I'm driving the speed I'm supposed to drive.
The passengers complain about slow speeds way easily.
When the sings say that there is 80 km/h speed limit the gps shows 70.
I think there's no perfect ac temperature and the perfect temperature should depend on how cold it is outside. There could also be a realtime temperature from inside the bus just like in Omsi 2 and the temperature would slowly rise.
AI should be able to get past you when you are in the way of them.
There should be pedestrians.
There should be a way to set waypoints in gps.
When there's a road block the police should give directions so you wouldn't get stuck.

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