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Release Dates

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This is a re-post from the A330 Preview Thread, intended to be used as a reference link for those who ask for Release Dates on any Aerosoft product.



Hello my dear friends and fellow simmers!


It's always heartwarming to know how interested people are in your product, but the honest truth is there really is no such thing as a release date for flight sim software. It's a myth, it doesn't exist. You might as well be asking for directions to the Fountain of Youth, the City of Gold, shop for Relative Bearing Grease, or quest for the switch for the Northern Lights.


Here's the true down and dirty on Sim Software releases. One day the software isn't released, and one day it is released.  Back in the olden days (horse drawn carriages, etc.) game developers gave release dates because they would complete the software, then have to press disks (eventually CDs/DVDs), add marketing material, ship it to stores and schedule the authorization date (a.k.a. "release date) for it to be sold. That's where release dates come from.


We live in different times (welcome my friends to the 21st Century, though some of you have come kicking and screaming... lol).  Software is now released by essentially uploading a file - as it's sold online and then downloaded. Literally not here one day, and here the next.  TA-DA!  MAGIC! Plus now consumers don't have to wait nearly as long for their favorite software titles - or camp outside stores in the heat/cold.  Now, I have to say that yes, there are still some software developers (not in Sim Software to my knowledge) who, purely for marketing purposes, will hold a finished product for a scheduled release date. It's HYPE, and quickly fading (if it even exists anymore).


What's the release date?  It stands to reason that when the software is done, it will be released.  With Sim Software, the sane developer will make the decision a few days beforehand. So you see, there is absolutely no reason to ask, and doing so just means that staff here has to answer with the same old "No release date at this time, we don't give release dates/please don't ask because we don't know".  We're not being rude! Nobody can give an answer to this question, not even the person writing the code.


But the good news is that when any sim product is released, every sim related website publishes it!


My very best wishes to everyone! 


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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