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Anyone ever use the Abacus USS Gerald Ford?

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Everytime I land on the Ford with the Aerosoft Tomcat, I can never seem to trap a wire.  I have literally landed just before the 1 wire and driven the Tomcat to the wires and still not trap.  Just wondering if anyone else has ever used this carrier and had a problem with it.  Maybe it's fine with other aircraft, but I only tried it with the Abacus F/A-18 and that's the only aircraft i can get to trap on the Ford.





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Does Abacus even leaverage AI Carriers or use the default FSX carrier ? I stopped using their carrier with FS2004....


The flight deck 6 premise reminds me of an old DOS F-14 sim by Dynamix (?)... in that sim you flew the T-34c T2 TA4J then off to the F-14 RAG (now FRS?)... then off to the fleet... hmmm did it have fighter weapons school mode? Ahhh this and Fleet Defender make me so greatfull for this awesome Aerosoft product... can't wait until the DCS leather neck Tomcat is released...


Abacus products always seem geared to the younger/novice crowd... and seem to play off their design tool/design PDF how to series ... I.e you pretty much teach yourself how create your own bird using their books and design software... then if good enough they will sell the bird (at least it seems that way)


Not trying to put down Abacus... it has its niche... like I said I used it for years with FS2004 and was very happy with it back in the day...


Are there missions with awards and or certificates? That would be kind of cool... I guess.. but the aircraft just don't do it for me anymore... kind of reminds of the mad cat combat pilot concept that never went over (except those birds/cockpits looked great supposedly A2A collaborated with them... but I heard the flight models were bad... anyone have those birds (T6B, T-38C, T-45C, F-18c)


besides the aircraft carrier how are the aircraft and missions?

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Wow... I used to love that DOS program and loved Fleet Defender... . The mad cats aircraft did look awesome... I heard the same about the flight models

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