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F-14X V2 Flaps uncontrollable. Wings stuck in F-14 B. Prepar3D V3

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Hello everybody.


I desperately need your help. I installed the latest version of the Aerosoft F-14X Tomcat. I use P3D V3.


I've got a problem with the flaps. In virtual cockpit mode I cannot move the flaps handle. Neighter by any mouseclick nor by the keys (F5-F8 default). I watched some videos on YouTube. In these videos the handles can be moved by the pilot and when moved one can hear a sound. I can try what ever I want. The flaps (handle and flaps itselves) are stuck in one position, the "up" postition and I can hear no sound. I tried it in "cold & dark" starting mode, and in "engines running" mode.

The flaps cannot be moved in any type of the F-14.


I've got another problem with the wings.

In the F-14 B model, the wings are not extended whatever position of the switch I chose.

In the F-14 A model the wings work. They extend when I move the wing-switch down, the wings fold back when the switch is moved all the way forward.


I appreciate your help very much.

I love the F-14 and I really want to fly it properly. But learning to fly it is impossible when those important systems don't work.

Sorry for my bad english.


My System: Win10, GTX 1070, 16 GB RAM



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meanwhile I solved this Problem on my own.

I had to install the SimConnect.msi, which can be found at Prepar3D/redist/Interface/fsx-sp2-xpack/retail/lib Folder.


Once installed everything works fine with each F-14 model.

 Another nice fact is, that now I can use my Tobii Eyetracking device properly.


Happy flying!



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