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AES 2.45a is available now


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Hi Oliver, thanks for this nice update. I just completed a flight from KBUF to KIAD and was directed to gate B78. Unfortunately the jetway does not move. I also used F8 to move the aircraft to the correct position, but still no luck:



KIAD B78.jpg

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No Oliver, you don't understand me. The same problem with bigger aircraft. And with bigger aircraft, if you don't park and right position, you can use only outer jetways. The docking system should be change, to place aircraft to the right position

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Hi Oliver.


I am currently reading the release notes for AES for version 2.45a.


Am I correct in my understanding that AES for FSX SE and P3D is in development by using Simconnect interface rather than Vistamare, and is not yet ready?


I am not too sure if you mean 2.45a will work with FSX SE but only limited, or, that AES is not quite ready for FSX SE & P3D and will need more time.


Thanks in advance for clarifying this confusion.


Best regards,

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2 minutes ago, OPabst said:

No FSX:SE and P3D is not yet supported, without Intellicene it doesn't work at all, also not limited, so all code must be changed first with a new technique.

Ok, just making sure that I understood correctly.


Looking forward in seeing the new version that will support FSX SE and P3D!


Good luck on the development!

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  • Aerosoft
9 hours ago, dcasco said:

I am a FSX SE owner and i want to know if AES will be available for this version of the software anytime soon?


Here you will find all latest statements regarding your question:



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Hi, Every one.

I just wanted to hear if there is anything news about AES for FSX steam ?:huh:

I miss AES very much, I think GSX is a bit boring since as I think that GSX is missing some things before it can surpass AES.


Best regards westlin happy 2018! ;)


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Hi, i have a problem..

I recently installed the AES 2.45a, because i reset my computer, but when i arrive to any gate of my active airports the marshaller dont show signs of aligment or.. when i pushback, the marshaller dont walk, actually there's no movement in their legs... i rememeber it was ok in my last version (as i said my computer was reset, so i lost the olders versions).. what can i do ? this is my support id: 573F5B6B78E2472B553F5B6B1A7C596B224A5B6B523F5B6B503F7B326B7E

2. "When i apply move to exact position", then nothing happens... it gets static, and the options menu stop of working, only you can read F10 TO CLOSE... ETC...



Airports active :







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