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Altitude set in Twin Otter Extended


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3 hours ago, marc2990 said:

I may be very stupid, but when I try to set the altitude, the number only  seems to get down wherever I touch the knob below.

Isn't there any manual coming along with the aircraft?


Your question is a bit confusing so I can't offer specific advice for whatever problem you are having. But here is some general advice:


The window/knob allows you to set a target altitude. That target is only significant when you select the ALT ALERT or MDA modes. The ALT function does not use this target altitude in the way you might be expecting from other autopilots. When you select ALT ALERT or MDA, ALT mode is cancelled. You will then need to initiate a climb or descent manually (e.g. using the pitch knob on the yoke pedestal or by selecting IAS hold and then changing the power setting. When the target altitude is reached, ALT mode is automatically selected (in other words, ALT is a 'hold current altitude' function). There are two further things to note. First, if you use MDA and you are below the target altitude, ALT mode is not cancelled and the A/P initiates a climb to the target altitude. I don't know if this is real-world behaviour or just a useful bug in how is is implemented in the Twin Otter Extended! And second, if you switch off the A/P with ALT mode selected, when you reactivate the A/P it will initiate a climb or descent to attain the altitude it was holding when it was activated. This may of may not be the altitude selected in the window.


There is a manual included with the Twin Otter, although it is not comprehensive in its treatment of the A/P. I have written an eBook about flying the Twin Otter that addresses many of the A/P features, although that is missing a few nuances too. Click my banner to find it. You could also watch some of my videos, as it's basically the same info in a different form.

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Click the right mouse button on the knob to set higher altitude.
Click the left mouse button on the knob to set lower altitude.


Alternatively you can scroll your mouse-wheel while the pointer is over the knob: up for rising the altitude and down for lowering the altitude.


I hope this helped you :)

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