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New PRO ATC X and Aerosoft Airbus pilots voice sets

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PRO ATC X never made a difference between pilots voices used in the aircraft’s cockpit and those of other AI-traffic pilots – all of them sound like 200 miles away. Another annoying thing for me was - when using the Aerosoft Airbus and its checklist feature - that those voice sets e. g. the Aerosoft Airbus pilots voices differed from the pilot’s voices available in PRO ATC X.

Marcel Verheydt already created with help of a lot of people from different countries various complete new PRO ATC X voice sets for pilots. Inspired by his work I created with Mike Lean an additional pilot voice set for PRO ATC X as well as for the Aerosoft Airbus. After the additional installation of these voice sets there is now only one pilot in (and not 200 miles away) the cockpit talking to ATC (without any radio distortion) as well as reading / working the Aerosoft Airbus checklists.

A detailed installation instruction is part of the download which is available at





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